Monday, November 7, 2016

A Special Request...

I’ve never done this kind of a post before, but I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to a wonderful musician by the name of Mark Wells Cheadle. Mark is a friend of mine from Nashville, Tennessee who was diagnosed with stage four cancer earlier this year. Mark has been unable to work at his job as a result, and has been subsisting on his social security and whatever money he can make from the sale of his music. Below is a video of his song, “Sumer Solstice,” which is a favorite of mine.

Mark is selling CD’s of his music, and I want to encourage everyone to check them out. They are available for $12.99 each, and I understand that he will give you a discount on bulk orders of five or more (Christmas is approaching and they would make great gifts).

Order CD’s By Emailing Mark at:

Even though he is in need of our help himself, Mark is such a great guy that he hasn’t stopped thinking about the needs of others. Mark has told me that, “…10% Of My Gross Receipts On Sales Go To A Really Great Little Non Profit Thrift Store In My Area That Helps Very Many Struggling People Called The Joelton, TN Hope Center.”

Consider ordering one (or more) of Mark’s CD’s, then sit back and enjoy the beautiful, relaxing music that he creates.